Pension Inspector Professional Upgrades

As a Pension Inspector Plan Professional Member, you can choose from the following options.


Pension Inspector Professional
Individual Member Licenses*
Cost 1-Year
Online Form 5500
Available Years
Unique Features of Upgrade  
Member Free 14 1. Complete Set of All Retirement and Welfare Plans for 1 selected EIN.
2. ERISA PLUS DASHBOARD® available for the 1 selected Plan
ERISA PLUS DASHBOARD® $349.00 14 1. Key Summary Report of Current and 4 Previous
2. Four 1-Click Compare and Rank Queries based upon Plan Class (Participant, Asset, Industry) of Investment Earnings, Direct Expense, ERISA Bonding to Net Assets EOY, and Best in asset and Participant Class
3. 1-Click , Easy to download from DOL website, complete Form 5500 with Attachments for up to 15 Years Plus: up to 12 Year Average Earnings and Plan Termination Estimate with data from schedule B series.
Compare & Rank $649.00 14 1. Compare and Rank any plan with your target Plan for over 50 Key Performance Criteria
2. Complete Access to ERISA PLUS DASHBOARD® including Four 1-Click Queries, 14 Years of data, over
Data Mining Research $649.00 14 1. Data Mine Research from over 50 Performance Criteria, find the best, worst Plans of your liking.
2. Special: A City Radius option available.
Combo Compare & Rank and
Data Mining Research
$999.00 14 Combines the best of ERISA PLUS DASHBOARD® , Compare and Rank, Data Mine Research  
Multi-Member Subscription Licenses available upon request - Email
  Cost Per
On Demand Online Total Database*** $2,495.00 3 Years     1-100 Plans
and 101 Plus
Retirement Plans
separated by State
DC or Foreign
Zip PDF and
Comma Delimited
With Download
On Demand - Online per Region $499.00 8 Regions      
On Demand Online - Online per State
Plus DC and Foreign
$199.00 50 States,
DC and Foreign
*** Custom Databases Available - CD and DVD Disks Available - Email