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  • All of the Selected Plan Sponsor's Retirement and Welfare Plans - Form 5500 U. S. Department of Labor, for the last 15 Years.

  • Plus, for each Authentic Retirement Plan Downloaded you receive a Key Summary 5 Year Report, Critical 5 Year Alerts plus many 1-Click Queries, to help provide you all the information needed to become an Expert on your selection.

  • And, you always have an Enrolled Retirement Plan Actuary, practicing before the IRS, DOL and PBGC, to guide you.

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I have been utilizing PensionInspector for a couple of years.
The website and the information one can retrieve is much easier, faster and adds much more depth to a plan than the DOL website. For one thing, you do not need the Administrator's UserID to access the information.

With just a few clicks, you can get all the information you need to review a plan for takeover consideration. You can review plans for at least five years' past 5500 history; f there appear to be any compliance issues with the plan, you can access that information right away, rather than a headache in the future.

I highly recommend the website.
Stephen T. - Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent, QPA

I have utilized the Pension Inspector CPA Audit Assistant Tool and found it a timesaver and very helpful to reduce my exposure by:
  • Presenting a 5 year key plan performance analysis.
  • Providing prior years key reported plan failures.
  • Providing an Excel file of the prior year audit results
  • to reconcile current year 5500 audit results as required by the Department of Labor audit requirement.
Stephen Z - Certified Public Accountant

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